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What do digital nomads do for a living?

What do digital nomads do for a living?

By daniele

A research report from MBO Partners estimates that there were 7.3 million digital nomads worldwide in 2019. By 2020 and 2021, this number rose to 10.9 million and 15.5 million, respectively. Baby boomers (12%), Gen X (23%), Gen Z (22%), and millennials (44%) make up the majority. Digital nomads, in contrast to non-nomads, typically have college degrees and work in fields requiring advanced education, training, or experience.

The lifestyle of a person who works remotely while traveling is known as a digital nomad. If someone is actively traveling while working or running a business, that person is referred to as a “digital nomad.

Digital nomads with traditional occupations increased in number by 42% to 10.2 million persons in 2021, while the number of independent workers increased by 15%. The remaining 30% might work part-time or for a portion of a year, while more than 70% work full-time. 21% of those surveyed made less than $25,000, while 6.8 million said they made $75,000 or more yearly. IT professionals make up approximately 19% of the digital workforce.

Digital nomads are “very satisfied with their career and lifestyle,” on the whole. Four out of five people also stated they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their salary. However, not many digital nomads have long-term travel plans. According to MBO Partners, 54% of travelers want to stay on the road for at least two years, compared to 32% who would travel for less than a year.

Digital nomads abandon the nomadic way of life for a variety of reasons, including logistics and cost. Others merely grow weary of traveling and miss their loved ones. MB Partners notes that many ex-digital nomads, however, plan to pick up the lifestyle once more in the future.

Due to the variety of freelance work available, many digital nomads choose this path. Almost often, you can find employment doing something you excel at and like. Writing, virtual assistance, social media management, and graphic design are a few examples of freelance labor.

Overwhelmingly, digital nomads are “highly satisfied with their work and lifestyle.” And about four out of five said they are satisfied or very satisfied with their income.