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Whatsapp Business E-commerce Integration

Whatsapp Business E-commerce Integration

By daniele

WhatsApp is increasingly including more functions so that users have a better experience with the application and the service, some functions that have been included are the exchange of live locations, group calls and video calls, visible messages last seen and read, indication of forwarded messages, among others that have raised the experience to a better level.

The app is found in around 180+ countries and has earned the trust of not only users who use it as a social or communication network, but also many companies, thanks to the features and also keeping the data private. and insurance. Using WhatsApp Business, companies have better communication with their customers or users who want to contact them, since they feel much more comfortable as if they were talking with a friend through the application.


With the WhatsApp Business application, it is found that there are more than 1,600 million customers who send more than 60,000 million messages per day. And for e-commerce companies it is very important to have a more direct, easy and fast contact with their customers online.

For E-Commerce

You can get to increase the recognition and memory of the brand using WhatsApp Business, since in this way you can be in contact with your customers more easily, it does not matter if your e-commerce company is large or small, the important thing is to improve the experience of your customers.

Create a WhatsApp Business profile

With just three simple steps you can create your WhatsApp Business account to be able to have better contact with your customers and improve their experience with your business:

  1. If you have a business number, use it to create your account.
  2. Then when the account is created, go to Settings > Business settings > Profile. Here you can start adding your important details such as business address, working hours, website links, social network URLs, contact information, among others.
  3. Once the WhatsApp team verifies your business, the profile is ready for you to use.

Your business can have significant growth with the use of the application, since with your profile you can share important information and be in constant contact with your clients in an easy and fast way.

Organized communication with a WhatsApp Business e-commerce integration

WhatsApp Business gives you the option of “tags”, this will help you easily organize all communication with your customers, for example, you can add a tag to each conversation in a specific category and thus more easily find the exact information when it is necessary.

There is also the “broadcast list”, with this function you can send messages to several people at the same time, without them seeing the other recipients. In the same way, you can create specific lists such as “regular customers” or “potential customers”, in case you use a specific strategy with certain customers.


Another function that you can use when necessary is the search for keywords, in this way you can find a specific message in a conversation to be able to share it again, for example if you need to confirm a price or a product. Also, with this function you can track a conversation that a representative may not remember and thus avoid making mistakes when giving information to a client.

Instant analytics

With the instant analytics that the app has on the communication process you have with your customers, you can gain deep insights that can help you drive future business planning in your company. In this way, you can also have access to immediate information about the status of each communication, such as the last seen details, the message delivery status and the indication of read messages.

Easy customer support with Whatsapp Business 

Two-way communication: e-commerce and WhatsApp Business 

Depending on the needs of your clients, the company can have two-way communication with the help of WhatsApp Business, since clients can contact your company directly through the application with private messages for any need or inconvenience they have, or if they have questions, or if they want to buy any of your products or services. In this way, customers no longer need to stay in a queue, or wait in line on the phone, but have faster and easier service through messages.

Multimedia attachments

WhatsApp offers 7 different multimedia attachments, which are audio, video, documents, images, location, contact information and text, in this way you can use all the necessary resources to give your client complete information when they require it.

Quick replies

You can use this feature to save and reuse the most frequently sent messages to your customers, so you can answer frequently asked questions faster and easier.

Automated messages

It’s important to stay in communication with customers, so you can use automated messages even during non-business hours. You can include messages when the company is not in business hours, or greetings for new customers.


Likewise, the application offers you to send PNR status, QR codes, among other functions that help you and your clients to access important data. Help reach customers on a platform they use frequently with the WhatsApp Business API.