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How Does the Amazon Influencer Program Work?

How Does the Amazon Influencer Program Work?

By daniele

Amazon introduced the Amazon Influencer Program, which allows influencers who have Amazon accounts to give their promotions on certain products. This can favor many brands for influencers to give their opinions and promote their products, which is a great marketing strategy.

The Amazon company itself has grown a lot, after only selling cheap books online, they now have a wide variety of products, the platform has evolved a lot and allows various companies to sell their products through the platform.

Some influencers from TikTok, YouTube and Instagram were invited to a luxurious resort in Mexico to be convinced to join the program as Amazon influencers and Amazon affiliates.

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

Many already know the Amazon marketing program, which is based on blogs that talk about the products that are published through links, and for bloggers it is a great opportunity to be an Amazon associate to earn more.

On the other hand, the Amazon Influencers program is different, this program is meant for the social media crowd and not just the specific niche market you may have with the Amazon marketing program. In this way, influencers manage to promote items that are sold on Amazon and offer them in a certain way so that more customers buy them.

What’s in it for influencers?

Like the Amazon marketing program, with the Amazon Influencers program people can earn money by promoting products through social networks. It’s a win-win for Amazon, the partner companies that sell products and that influencers can have deals with, and especially for influencers.

How Does the Amazon Influencer Program Differ from Amazon Associates?

With the Amazon Influencer program there is the difference in the shopping experience, as Amazon influencers have a specific store that shoppers can use to purchase items, therefore social media influencers do not have to focus on embedding links during content creation, as both the influencer and Amazon can get a larger number of products delivered to customers. Influencers can also create their collections of products that they want to promote with all kinds of content according to the niche.

Who Can Join the Amazon Influencer Program?

“All types of influencers” are accepted into the program and who have a track record of driving product sales on social media. Let’s look at the following important points to keep in mind:

  • You have an account on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  • You have a decent number of followers on your account(s)
  • You have decent engagement metrics on your account(s)
  • It’s also important to authorize Amazon to access your social media accounts, so if you don’t have reasonable engagement from your followers, Amazon will be able to sort that out pretty quickly.

How Do You Create an Amazon Store?

When you are accepted into the program, you can make a custom store that includes your favorite things, this way you start with a unique URL that Amazon gives you as an influencer, this corresponds to your storefront. After this you will have to fill in the basic information of your store, such as a name and contact information, after this the payment and tax information is important, which is required both for practical reasons and for legal compliance.

Finally, you can add your favorite products and for each sale you can commission a percentage, the best thing is that it is like an e-commerce store but without shipments, without stock, and without risks.

How Can You Promote Your Amazon Store?

With the URL that Amazon provides to your store, you can use it in many different places online, including postings on social media.

Integrate Your Amazon Store with Your Website

On your website you can add various links to the products you have in your store or also add a menu at the top of your website so that everyone who visits your website can see the Amazon items you promote.

Integrate Your Amazon Store with Your Social Media Presence

You can add buy buttons, for example, on your Facebook page or profile and on Instagram links.

Take advantage of Amazon Live

You can use Amazon Live to broadcast live and give product reviews, answer questions, or show off new products. Also, people can follow your account and they will receive news about products you have in your storefront, which is very cool.

Are Influencers Successful?

Influencers can be very successful, however this also depends on what the brand is looking for and the effort to drive as much traffic to these stores that the influencer is promoting. There are many possibilities to earn money, both brands and influencers, but it depends on the work and effort in promotions.

How Can Brands Find Amazon Influencers?

Let’s look at some alternatives for brands to find Amazon influencers, as this would not only be beneficial for influencers who can earn commissions on sales, but also for brands because they will have a new marketing strategy to increase sales.

Check Out #FoundItOnAmazon

On FoundItOnAmazon, brands can find influencers who promote brands and products according to a niche market or a variety of niches, so they can review storefronts and decide whether to work together.

Browse Amazon Live

With live streams, brands can also review the influencers who are on Amazon, see their niches, and decide if working together is a great idea.

Search Influencer Marketplaces That Include Amazon Influencers

With this option, brands can review metrics and the followers that an influencer has, for example, Referazon facilitates the search for potential Amazon influencers. Likewise, when finding an influencer, they can negotiate to reach an agreement for the influencer to sell the brand’s products with their promotions.

Survey Your Customers and Fans

For brands it would be ideal if they have ambassadors for their brands that promote their products and bring together both fans and potential customers and above all get to have better communication with everyone.