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New Google features for easier shoppingg

New Google features for easier shoppingg

By daniele

Everybody knows that shopping isn’t just about buying, it’s also about exploring your options, discovering new styles and trends, and researching to make sure you’re getting the right product at the right price.

For that reason, during their annual Search On event, the Google team announced nine new different ways we’re transforming the way you shop with Google, bringing you a more immersive, informed and personalized shopping experience.

As you see, this initiative is powered by the Shopping Graph, their AI-enhanced model that now understands more than 35 billion product listings (up from 24 billion just last year). So, let’s take a look at the new features Google is going to present to us.

More visual ways to shop

1. Search with the word “shop”: 

To begin with, the company has introduced a new way to unlock the shopping experience on Google. When you search the word “shop” followed by whatever item you’re looking for, the browser will show you a full interface of visual feed of products, research tools and nearby inventory related to that product (for now only available in the U.S).

Also, they are implementing a more extensive shoppable search experience beyond apparel to all categories (from electronics to beauty) and more regions on mobile (and coming soon to desktop).

2. Shop the look:

Now, when you go shopping for clothes you will be able to “shop the look” by easily setting up the perfect outfit. So, if you’re looking for the perfect jacket to spend this holiday season, Google’s tool will provide you with images of jackets and complementary pieces, plus options for where to buy them (all within Search).

3. See what’s trending:

This is a new feature in Search that is in charge of showing you products that are popular right now within a category so that it’ll help you discover the latest models, styles and brands. U.S. shoppers will be able to shop the look and see trending products later this fall.

Tools to shop with confidence

4. Get help with complex purchases:

Sometimes it could be difficult to make good decisions about shopping; you consider lots of factors, read tons of articles, and open countless tabs on your browser. That’s why Google’s team developed a new buying guide feature that shares helpful insights about a category from a wide range of trusted sources, all in one place.  

If you’re shopping for a mountain bike, for instance, the buying guide might show you information about size, suspension, weight, and materials. With this information, you can research and make quicker decisions with confidence.

5. See what other shoppers think:

Well, this is another feature that will give you even more reason to shop with confidence because it brings together helpful context about a web page you’re on or a product you’re researching, like its pros and cons and star ratings, all in one view. Page insights will launch in the U.S. in the coming months, so wait for it.

More personal shopping experiences

6. Get personalized results:

Okay, this function will gather together more personalized shopping results now based on your previous shopping habits. And this time, you’ll have the option to tell them your preferences directly, plus controls to easily turn off personalized results if you’d like.

Final thoughts

In short, we have to say that Google has in mind a lot of new features that undoubtedly will make your shopping experience easier, more intuitive, and, of course, more fun. And regardless of where you end up buying, these tools can help you find what you want more quickly and maybe even discover the next thing you’ll love.