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What do you need to create a Gas Station business?

What do you need to create a Gas Station business?

By daniele

Here is a list of steps that will help you in the process. It is interesting to keep in mind that some aspects such as legal requirements, and prices, among others, depend perfectly on the region where you are.

Define the operation council

First, yesterday of blunting a service station, it is necessary to realize between the types of distributors, have to humanities that there are two groups:

  1. “public” or “private”. For the “public”, the order of naphtha is aimed at all vehicles in general, in alteration the “private” council, the order of naphtha is due to exploiting only the vehicles of the estate of companies, businesses, and so on.
  2. If you have determined to blunt a “private” service station, the location of the distributor can populate in factories, warehouses, depots, yards, etc., however, if your possibility is to blunt a “public” service station, it is necessary to circumscribe a target site where there is traffic blockage.

Choose any one of the distributors

Another interesting complacency is between the “premium” distributors or those of resale of the big oil companies, simply recognizable by the emblem of the ente and placed in a visible site (for example, Shell) or distributors without botana or small local brands that obtain fuel without detours from the big distributors and subsequently carry them in their warehouses, situated generally in the future of the highways or the state and provincial roads.


It is advisable to enjoy the advice of a good lawyer to record versus the representatives of the oil companies and, subsequently, to win in a branch agreement and, especially, to tell respectfully the conditions of the apothegm agreement and its legal aspects.

Fuel will be sold

The most sold types of fuel at any filling station are gasoline and diesel. However, with the growth of environmental awareness, other fuels such as biodiesel, hybrid, hydrogen, and ethanol have also started to be produced. Other products sold are LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas).

How to establish a gasoline business?

Now we will know the necessary aspects that we must develop to begin to physically establish our business after having known the previous information, let’s see:

Finding the ideal location

The best place is where there is high traffic (in case it is for public use). We can set up in areas such as main roads and streets with high vehicular flow, although we will also consider areas with a high presence of cars such as urban areas on major streets. You will have to check the urban compatibility and distances required by national, regional, and municipal authorities.

Business conditioning

If, on the other hand, the plants and systems are for private use, the installation of the service station can take place inside factories, construction sites, and warehouses.

Operating permits

You must have and obtain the building permit for the development of the area so that you can install your gas station there. Do not forget to have the respective licenses to acquire the fuel that you will provide to your customers.

Requirements to start a gas station

First, you must complete the commercial registration, create your commercial name, and create a company, you must hire a lawyer specialized in this matter to complete the correct paperwork. In addition, you need to obtain the necessary permits to be able to sell fuel to the public, comply with health and safety requirements for the construction of gas stations, and install a piping system and gas tank. 

To create a business, it is necessary to purchase a physical platform that complies with environmental and legal requirements to avoid failures or legal consequences in the process.